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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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shutt. >> i think generally we have good news right now. a little bit of shower activity pushing through the immediate metro area, not going to see much in terms of accumulation. this will be it. we can put a fork in our february nor'easter. we are a bit concerned of freezing temperatures behind it. earlier tonight we had a tremendous band of snow setting up in prince george's county, caused all the problems on the beltway. that is pushing out across the bay. it will be history in about an hour. temperatures now we'll focus on that, 34 in gaithersburg, 38 downtown, 36 in leesburg and 37 in manassas. nothing will flash freeze, but lows will be in the 20s tonight, maybe 20 search downtown, 24 ins about -- 27 downtown, 24 in bethesda, 23 towards fairfax. everybody will make it below freezing. we'll talk about things you can do tomorrow. be careful walking to get the paper and the mail. we'll come back, talk about a
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clipper for friday night. a lot of kids will be staying home tomorrow again as well. in maryland we've got prince george's, montgomery, calvert, frederick, anne arundel county schools closed tomorrow. >> in virginia alexandria, arlington, fairfax, fauquier, culpeper, frederick, fredericksburg city schools, loudoun, manassas city schools, prince william county, stafford and spotsylvania. today you, long list. d.c. schools are closed, too and the government is on a two- hour delay. that's just part of the list. the rest are on the bottom of your screen and on our website a major backup tonight on the outer loop of 495. we hope you were not in this mess. our debra alfarone who was out there tweeted out tonight warning you about those miles and miles of backed up cars. >> it happened at branch avenue and 495 behind two disabled tractor trailers. debra and photojournalist kurt brooks were nearby. what happened? >> reporter: i can tell you the second punch really smacked prince george's county pretty
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hard. they got an extra 4 inches of snow. what happened is that snow came down so quickly at one point the beltway just became brutal. >> it's nasty. >> if you don't have to be outside, don't come outside. >> you okay? >> reporter: this isn't a snow delay. this is shutdown, wheels stuck, cars stranded. this is shades of carmageddon. >> they should have plenty of trucks be out clearing this stuff. this should not be like this. >> this is crazy. >> you okay? >> yeah. i'm good. >> reporter: this is what struggle sounds like. for hours the outer loop of the beltway before branch avenue was shuddered, people walking on the highway like it was a sidewalk. >> if you have more people like us in the traffic helping each other out. >> reporter: brothers phillip and patrick barrett parked their truck and grabbed their shovels to help out. >> probably in the last hour when this other snow started coming down there's no way all
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those people should be stuck down there. >> we're in a wreck down here, man. we don't even know what's going on out here. >> reporter: plow after plow came, but it was too late for the 2 miles worth of cars snowed in, 2 miles worth of frustration played out. [ honking ] >> it gets dangerous because people are slowing down and running into each other. >> reporter: so what happened? we called the maryland state highway administration. they said all 2,700 trucks remember out. the problem was -- were out. the problem was this snow was coming down so fast they couldn't keep up. because of this being the 2nd punch people weren't taking all those precautions they needed to. basically people were like i'm ing out in my car, whereas they weren't doing that earlier. that led to that huge backup and it was brutal. live in prince george's county tonight debra alfarone, wusa9. >> how is it looking right now?
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>> reporter: it's doing a lot better. we saw a parade of plows come by and everything is better. it was just that one moment where it was coming down so quickly it was just no way anyone could keep up and everyone got stuck. >> a lot of people going out at the same time. the maryland national guard activated now to respond to weather conditions across the state. 250 guardsmen in 50 humvees are helping first responders and other crews coping with all the snow. earlier today governor martin o'malley said maryland weathered the storm pretty well so far and a lot of you stayed off the roads earlier today which did make it easier for snowplow crews to do their jobs. if you don't have to go out, don't because you saw the mess debra was in. this storm is proving to be a huge challenge for police and firefighters. >> bruce leshan got stranded with one crew trying to get out and help people in fairfax county. >> reporter: a desperate call for help as fire races through
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a home in vienna. the terrified family made it out, but the blaze that started as a chimney fire has eaten through the roof and is now destroying almost everything they own. in a snowstorm emergency operations can slow to a crawl and this road is unplowed. >> if you put those chains on, that slows the vehicles down to 35 miles an hour. >> reporter: fairfax fair and rescue has geared up for this. extra staff, tire chains, small plows to clear the way r fo hoses and medic units. all that preplanning made a difference. neighbors say the response was incredibly fast. >> they got here real fast. >> reporter: even in the snow. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: here are some of those chains. they are a double edged sword. they're great in heavy snow. in light snow they can wear out, wrap up around axles and really mess up units which
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happened tonight. in fair oaks bruce leshan, wusa9. and the nor'easter proven to be a dangerous and deadly storm. one victim, a vdot worker who pulled his truck over in ashburn was standing near the truck when ather salt truck smashed into his truck. he was taken to loudoun hospital center where he died. the other driver was not injured. look at this terrible looking accident but luckily it looks worse than it turned out. the driver wasn't seriously hurt even though a plow flipped in highland springs this morning. that's a few miles east of richmond. police do not know if weather played a factor in at least one death in southeast d.c. today. a body was found in the snow along shannon place south of the anacostia freeway. the identity of the person has not been released and there's no reason to suspect foul play. three deaths in howard county earlier. in two cases men were shoveling when witnesses saw the collapsed possibly suffering heart attacks. a third man died of an apparent
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heart attack. it's not clear if he was shoveling. he was found outside. after a whole day of canceled and delayed flights at every one of our local airports, the chance of having an easy travel day tomorrow is about zero. our mark albert spent the day at reagan national and reports things probably won't be back to normal there till the weekend. >> reporter: the metro's three major airports got hammered. the snow shut them all down at one point and canceled more than 900 flights in the area according to flightaware. more than a foot of snow clogged the runways at dulles international diverting five incoming international flights and closing the airport for about six hours until a little before 1 p.m. bwi airport had nearly 250 canceled flights, but the most cancellations came at reagan national. >> ladies and gentlemen, north carolina has given up for the day. so we're again suggesting you go home. >> reporter: a loon of delayed
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travelers snaked through -- line of delayed travelers snaked through part of the terminal as cancellations grew here to nearly 400. >> everything is canceled. >> reporter: randy green drove from bwi to reagan national to try to get to atlanta. >> we've been here about three hours. >> reporter: max even gross of college park and her steadily growing quilt hope to fly stand- by to orlando. >> i brought it with me because i knew i'd have a little quarter time. >> reporter: how are you getting through it? >> by talking and eating. >> reporter: this quartet of teen-agers on a field trip from florida were still at reagan nationalth began taking off around 5 p.m. the airport barely has enough land to stack all the snow. friday will still not be back to normal. around 100 flights out of the d.c. area have already been canceled. at reagan national mark albert, wusa9. >> when you hear all that, you not the drill. if you've got a flight, call first before you go to the airport. if you haven't done it yet,
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grab your ipad and download the wusa9 app. you can find a complete list of school closings and delays and a great resource if you're on the roads. you can check the traffic before you leave home. geolocateor let's you see the traffic in your area of any accident down to your street level. when it's not snowing, you can use it to see heavy traffic expected in the next 24 hours because of an event in your area. the app is free. you can go to the app store to download it. now we've got breaking news, a federal judge ruled virginia's voter approved ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. the judge immediately stayed a decision pending a ruling from an appeals court so gay couples still cannot marry in the commonwealth. the newly elected attorney general did ignite controversy last month when he said he would not defend the ban because he believes it's unconstitutional. in 2006 57% of voters approved an amendment to the state
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constitution defining marriage between one man and one woman. an update on former player marion barry. bruce johnson just tweeted wanted me to say he's feeling better. the former mayor was hospitalized for 16 days last month and at 77 years old he's had a long history of health issues including diabetes, prostate cancer and a kidney transplant. today a spokesperson said while the mayor is not 100%, he is coming along. now that the storm is done you may spend the next few days cleaning it out of the way, shoveling droils, sidewalks, et cetera and some areas -- driveways, sidewalks, et cetera and some areas have more work to do than others. >> reporter: one of the harder hit towns in our area spent the day digging out, well, at least some people did. these are the folks digging hagerstown, maryland, out fr under the snow.
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buried under about a foot of snow some came up with a pretty clever technique to shoveling it. actually there's nothing clever about it. >> i'm trying to get as much snow on the shovel as possible and move it. i don't really know where to put it. >> that's the big thing, trying to find have to put the snow. >> reporter: -- find somewhere to put the snow. >> reporter: sometimes more than ploys could handle. what do you think -- plows could handle. what do you think? >> not bad. >> reporter: one of the only places in town still open today. >> there's no better place to be than the corner pub. >> reporter: the slopes were open at nearby white tail ski resort. forget shoveling snow. stephen ackerman decided to play in it. >> it's pretty cool. we don't get a chance to do this very often because we don't get this kind of snow very often. >> this is a snowstorm finally, but it needs to be done. this winter needs to go away. >> reporter: am i sensing you're ready for spring?
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>> yes. very much. so. >> reporter: until then give these guys another round. one thing a lot of people told me helped them get through today was the possibility of the temperatures in the 50s next week. that's when you know it's been a cold winter, when 50 sounds good. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> 50 does sound good, doesn't it? we are not the only ones dealing with all this snow. the entire east coast took the hit today and the decision to keep schools open became a bit of a lesson for new york's brand-new mayor. kid had to walk to class in what looked like blizzard conditions. the administration made the decision late last night and by morning admitted the storm came in heavier and faster than perhaps they had really expected. >> by definition we thought our children would get to school safely based on the information we had. again i want to make 100% clear as a parent and having a chancellor who is a parent and lifelong teacher, we make these decisions with the safety of
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our children in mind. >> the conditions got better throughout the day, but the teachers union says that doesn't matter. the decision to open schools was a mistake. at least 9 1/2 inches of snow fell in central park today. a pennsylvania man said he didn't see this much snow when he lived in colorado. philadelphia got hit with nearly 9 inches of snow and bus service was suspended. in the south up to 7 inches of heavy snow and ice weighed down trees and power lines. this will be willy and sheryl sally's second nit without electricit you know how it looks down here, but here's a different view of this massive snowstorm. that's what the storm looked like from space and it is big. just when you think you've heard and seen it all, look at this. >> reporter: not only is it oar, but they are electricked out in some sick '80 -- decked out in some sick '80s, early '90s ski gear. what are you all doing out here? >> we're having fun sledding. >> reporter: why here?
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>> it's home. we grew up here, wanted to come back and connect with our families and friends, great reason to come back. >> reporter: all you sled out here as kids and now you're coming back as rock stars essentially. how has it changed? >> as you can see, kristin fisher talking to the band oar. yes, the rock band. we'll have more on this when we come back. stay with us.
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check out all these kids who spent the day sledding on capitol hill. a couple of them even built snowmen and by the way, federal government delay two hours tomorrow. keep that in mind. >> they can go out and build some more snowmen. it has been quite a day around here. >> it has. we want to share some of the memorable moments from today's snow coverage right here on wusa9, all set to the sound of the group oar from the rockville neighborhood. they happened to show up at a popular sledding hotspot. >> the nor'easter is here. ♪ in a way need a change from the
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sign i see ♪ >> reporter: the snow started falling late last night. >> last night was the worst night i ever had in my life. >> reporter: well into the morning. >> it was coming down about 2 inches an hour. >> reporter: and our airports. >> everything is canceled. >> reporter: today's nor'easter brought neighbors together. >> can we see if we can charge her phone? >> reporter: while others still had a little fun. >> reporter: so deep here on south jefferson street fire hydrants were all but buried. ♪ but i'm good without you yeah ♪ >> reporter: not only is it oar, but they are decked out in some sick '80s, early '90s ski gear. what are you all doing out here? >> we're having fun.
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>> just know that we are not alone. usa today weather just tweeted out snow appears to be on the ground somewhere in all 50 states including hawaii. wow, we are not alone, folks. >> an amazing day, though. but again we said this earlier hawaii always has snow on the volcano on top of the mountain. florida had snow also. >> and they don't have any mountains. >> and seeing oar was a cool moment for me. >> i did recognize their song. >> now we know. derek says that's '80s ski gear. that's the kind of snow gear you wear. >> that's what i got, didn't know it was old. >> we are done with the storm, worried about a little refreezing tonight. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and if you're east of town you might see a couple flurries, but everything
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is gone in terms of accumulation. the dew points are in the 30s. i think most folks will make it below freezing, but it's not a case where we flash freeze everything, which is good. here's the radar. there goes that last little piece of energy headed up toward philadelphia moving pretty much across the bay. again it really put down some snow in prince george's county. we talked out that earlier this evening and this afternoon that it appeared the heaviest snowbank would be south and east of town. it was much like thunder snow like across much of the metro area last night. you folks had it in prince george's county and charles county to some extent. once this last snow shower rolls through that will be it. we'll have partial clearing, could end of slow to clear. temperatures will fall off, not too bad now, 33 in rockville, 32 damascus, 33 fairfax. this is good, 35 in old town and looking at 34 toward college park, 33 in waldorf. further out toward dulles and
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leesburg temperatures there in the mid-30s. i want to caution you oftentimes you're driving your car and a lot of us have thermometers. it may read 35 or 34, but it can be icy, especially bridges and overpasses. refreezing overnight, some slick spots in the morning, dry and chilly but above freezing friday. more snow is possible late friday. it's a clipper, not a monster. don't freak out. snow could linger into saturday morning. tonight clearing overnight, windy and cold, refreezing, 26 to 32. for tomorrow yellow alert in the morning, partly cloudy, breezy and cold, slick spots, 26 to 35, winds more west, southwest. here's what you need to do. keep your windshield wiper fluid full and always keep sunglasses handy. shovel snow away from your heat pumps, mark your fire hydrants and shovel snow from the down spouts so the water can go out.
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around freezing city temps in the morning, above freezing by 1:00. next three days more snow possible with the clipper, but don't freak out. sunday another clipper comes at us but not a big deal for that either. after that the next seven days we're in the 40s on monday and we start a new streak, not a consecutive streak of snow, temperatures in the 50s tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> that's the kind of ak i like. we will all be here for valentine's day. we hope you join us tomorrow as well. >> we are not done with the snow just yet. see what happens when we let the sports guy out of the office into the storm. >> reporter: i think you need to be a little bit taller. >> i'm only 5' 2. >> hello. >> people dave owens met today in dupont circle, apparently it was kind of an odd situation. we'll see wh
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dupont circle is always a place for fun. >> dave owens found out today was no different.
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>> reporter: here in the middle of town i am here with? >> caroline. >> reporter: ♪ sweet caroline ♪ >> i was hoping you were going to sing that. it looks like a monument but i thought it would be taller. i'm only 5' works but they could put a little more -- 5' 2, but they could put a little more effort into this. oh, hello. i was going to take the costume afterwards. >> reporter: we can give you a snappy salute. >> don't tell anyone. >> reporter: what would you call this if you had to give it a nickname? >> like dave's fun slide. >> reporter: i like that. >> so you know his name. >> we're probably out here about hour and a half, two hours. it's sort of an evolving thing because he kept melting at various angles and wilting and leaning to the left appropriately. >> reporter: or would he say let me be clear, the affordable care act will not melt away.
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>> you do better impressions than i do. >> reporter: back to you guys. >> you see, that's why we don't let him out that often. here's the latest olympic medal count. >> norway continues to lead the way. it's a good day for the usa because we swept the medals in slope style skiing. alex ovechkin and john carlson scored goals [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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night for the special one, you're fine. just don't go out too late. a little clipper comes at us late friday night, could linger into saturday morning, not a big deal and in the 40s by monday and 50s, 54 on tuesday, but upper 50s by next thursday. >> 57 degrees. are you kidding me? >> that is just grand. >> not so grand, but there it
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( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) ( cheers and applause ) >> dave: that's it right there! thank you so much. ( cheers ) god bless you. talking about-- talking about this weekend. you know what sunday is? you know what sunday is? i'll tell you-- groundhog day. groundhog day, coincidentally, with super bowl sunday. listen to this-- they will not fall on the same day again for another 60,000 years. >> paul: oh, wow! ( applause )


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